Oh Crumbs! is a UK-based gluten free podcast, launching in July 2019! Each week co-hosts Sarah Howells (The Gluten Free Blogger) and Laura Strange (My Gluten Free Guide) will be speaking to a range of guests on all aspects of gluten free life.

Join them as they speak to authors, chefs, television stars, bloggers, businesses, scientists and more. We’ll also be welcoming a range of guests from the gluten free world and answering your gluten free questions! Want to get involved or submit a question? Get in touch: ohcrumbspodcast@gmail.com

About the hosts…

Sarah Howells – The Gluten Free Blogger

Sarah Howells is a gluten free blogger with coeliac disease from sunny North Devon. She’s spends her time running The Gluten Free Blogger, whipping up gluten free bakes and treats, reviewing gluten free places to eat and sharing tips and humour for living with coeliac disease. Sarah is a freelance journalist and full-time blogger, who has an almost unhealthy addiction to pizza and has recently fallen in love with gluten free beer. She is on a mission to make people see gluten free life can be fun – and there’s way more you can offer than a boring brownie. Find her at The Gluten Free Blogger or @GFBlogger on socias.

Laura Strange – My Gluten Free Guide

Laura runs My Gluten Free Guide, which is a go-to resource for all things gluten free and a must-follow for UK coeliacs featuring recipes, reviews, travel guides and much, much more. Diagnosed as coeliac 20 years ago, Laura is very experienced at being safely gluten free. She set up her social media and blog five years ago to help others to navigate gluten free life, and one of her passions is travel. She lives in London with her husband Dave and daughter (and podcast mascot) Alba. Find her at My Gluten Free Guide or @myglutenfreeguide on socials.